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Urgently need help! Urgently need help!

Do not refuse in blessing to needing when your hand can make it.

About our Foundation About our Foundation

Good idea - Good word - Good deed

Every your step towards, even small, is the Good deed. TO CREATE THE BLESSING IS TO GIVE HAPPINESS!

Humanitarian, technical and material help Humanitarian, technical and material help

The Fund helps not only concrete people, but also the organizations, children's homes, hospitals, boarding schools, high schools, societies of invalids and veterans, orphans etc.

Our basic task is to do the GOOD DEED - IT IS SIMPLE!

Managerial personnel Managerial personnel

Organizational structure of 



The command of our project invites all who can and wants to be useful in the decision of programs.

Personally your help Personally your help

It is the state of soul which is the greatest feeling.


Ecological programs Ecological programs

Responsible use of natural resources is vital for maintenance of productive and healthy life on the earth.

When you participate in programs of Fund for environment - you support the healthy environment for yourselves, the society and in the world. 

The offer for patrons of art, sponsors and partners The offer for patrons of art, sponsors and partners

It is heroic and worthy respect act, a feat of serving people.


Social and medical adaptation Social and medical adaptation

Along with system programs (study abroad) and projects of Fund, it is important for us to support social initiatives. These actions promote adaptation and socialization of people with special requirements.

If you want to help us with the given process - participate.


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Our partners Our partners

"... We begin to love not by a word or by language, but by deed and by truth. A deed will warm your hearts and will fill your life with sense!"

The Fund unites physical and legal bodies of Ukraine and other states for the purpose of realization of authorized activity.

Investment Investment

The investments can be all kinds of property and the intellectual values put in objects of enterprise and other kinds of activity, result of which is the profit (income) or the social effect is reached.

Ambassadors and representatives Ambassadors and representatives

The Fund activity extends in territories of Ukraine and other states.

The command of our Fund invites all who can and wants to be useful in the decision of programs. Legal financial Centre "Universal"  

Legal financial Centre "Universal"

Payment of state aid to families with children


Study in Germany (Freshman Institute)


Social protection of invalids of Ukraine

Social assistance to needy families

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