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One of the major directions of work of the Fund is the address help to our wards.

The Fund gives address support to the ward on maintenance of especially expensive and long courses of treatment, in rehabilitation, and to those wards who, for the objective reasons, especially need the intensive address help.

We render such help on donations from our sponsors - physical and legal persons. The Fund bears special responsibility for reliability of the information about the ward to which the address help is given.

The Fund management considers medical documents confirming the diagnosis, contacts with attending physicians of the patient and only, after careful studying and check, places the information about needing in the help on a site, and also for more effective distribution of the information on Fund printed matter - leaflets, flyers, etc.


The purpose:

to help «here and now» to the people who have got to a critical reality situation: payment of urgent medical aid or urgently required course within the limits of long treatment and rehabilitation.


To whom we help:

1. Seriously ill children, children-invalids, children-orphans;

2. Seriously ill patients, invalids.

If the help necessary for you?

You can direct us the reference.
If the child needs the help, references are accepted from parents or the trustee.

In reference it is necessary to specify the following data:

  • Your surname, a name and a patronymic;
  • The full mailing address (with an index);
  • The electronic address;
  • Contact phones;
  • If the reference concerns the help to the child - also a surname, a name and a patronymic of the child;
  • Date of his birth;
  • The diagnosis, a condition, clinic recommended by the attending physician and treatment cost (to confirm documentary, originals of documents are not required);
  • Financial position of a family (to confirm documentary, originals of documents are not required).

Your reference will be considered by experts within the limits of the Fund procedure.


It is important to describe shortly a problem.

If the request concerns payments of a course, rehabilitation, operation - it is necessary to give:

  • A copy of the passport of the applicant, a copy of an identification code,
  • A copy of the birth certificate,
  • A copy of last medical conclusion on the form of medical institution with the signature of the doctor, the stamp,
  • The inquiry on incomes from a place of work of parents (official representatives) or the conclusion of bodies of a social service,
  • A reference and refusal copies in the help of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In case of the request for the help in payment of medical treatment abroad, it is necessary to give the decision of the non-staff expert of Ministry of Health about impossibility to spend treatment in territory of Ukraine. In this case it is necessary to give a copy of the answer of Ministry of Health that treatment cannot be paid within the limits of existing government programs.

In case the child is under guardianship - the copy of the decision of bodies of guardianship is necessary.
In case of granting of originals of documents the Fund itself reserves the right to leave them in archive and keeps them within 5 years.

Your reference, before consideration or by results of consideration, can be published on a Fund site (submitting inquiry you agree with it)

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