Межунароный Благотворительный Фонд
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"Help" - projects of base charity and the target help for needing;

"Development" - support of developing projects and initiatives;

“Support and partnership” - support of initiatives and projects of the charitable and the civil organizations in territory of Ukraine;

"Activity in social sphere" - introduction of democratic initiatives, projects on development of a civil society and protection of human rights;

"Future" - projects on ecology protection, development of a science and research activity;

"Analytics" - monitoring and estimation of social and charitable projects;

"Special projects" - realization of special target projects in the field of base charity and help;

"Activity on the international level" - realization of humanitarian, cultural, educational and social projects. Projects on development of regions and territories;

"Activity of representations in territory of Ukraine" - financing of activity of the representations in territory of Ukraine;

"Fundraising" - public, not public, target and not target fundraising activity.

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