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Social and medical adaptation



Since 2004 one of the Fund programs is assistance to creation and development of the public organizations purpose of which is protection of their lawful, social, economic, creative, century, national - cultural, sports and other interests. The Fund carries out annual material and technical support to the organizations.

One of The Heads of such organization is the representative of the Fund, in the city of Vinnitsa, Bazhukov Valery Nikolaevich. He heads Vinnitsa regional public organization «Russian society». The organization purpose is creation of conditions for realization of creative programs of teachers, schoolboys, students, scientific and other categories of citizens and members of the society, activity of which does not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine, and is directed on preservation of Russian ethnic cultural originality; protection and realization of the programs directed on improvement of economic and social situation of members of the society; target creative programs.

Actions of Vinnitsa regional public organization Russian society are spent with support of Representation of the Russian cooperation in Ukraine.

In January, 2010, with the Fund support, Public Organization Center Podillja - Sotsium is created – the Head is Protsenko Sergey Ivanovich. Activity of the organization extends on territory of Vinnitsa area. The purpose of the organization is the satisfaction and protection of lawful, social, economic, legal, age and other general interests of its members, representation of their interests in the state and other establishments in established order by the current legislation of Ukraine, assistance to increase of legal consciousness and social activity of members of the organization and inhabitants of Vinnitsa area in problems of public life.

Among active members of the organization there are as pensioners on a law specialty, practical psychologists, logiest, teachers and active youth, mainly with juridical education.


According to World Health Organization researches Ukraine wins the first place in the world on depression distribution, especially among people of pension age. According to experts, training is the most effective way of preventive maintenance of depressions at older persons. University Third age - is educational institution for pensioners - which becomes more and more popular all over the world. By experience of activity of such educational institutions, persons of advanced age study with pleasure at different faculties, namely: faculty of information technology, faculty of a healthy way of life, psychology faculty, low faculty, faculty of study of local lore, applied art faculty, faculty of choral singing, literary - art faculty and others.

In 2008, for the first time in Vinnitsa, ICF "EuroAsia" realized the social project for older persons Evening public university Third age.www.vin3vek.com

Since 2010, “University Third age” was transferred to the Public Organization Center Podillja - Sotsium (Vinnitsa) - Head is Protsenko Sergey Ivanovich. Project realization Pensioner is a life stage - we will make it more brightly is spent by professional experts of the organization who profess an active vital position, optimism and vigor. The organization helps older persons in social adaptation in a modern rhythm of life.


Since 2006, the program of retraining created by Fund Hand of the Friend operates for military men which leave or will be transferred to the reserve. The program operates within the limits of the project Help in social adaptation to the dismissed military men of Armed Forces of Ukraine which is carried out together with the Coordinator of projects of OSCE in Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. The program purpose: carrying out of a complex of actions for professional retraining and psychological adaptation of military men of Armed Forces of Ukraine, creation of conditions for their further employment. For realization of the program Center of social adaptation for the dismissed military men of Armed Forces of Ukraine and course preparation of civilians in Vinnitsa has been created by Fund - the Director of the Center is Moskovchuk Yury Antonovich.www.mcsa.in.ua


ICF "EuroAsia" in cooperation with the burgomaster of Duren city (Germany) opens Program Freshman Year in Duren for youth from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova, with opening of Center in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Program Freshman Year at the State Aachen University of applied sciences (FH Aachen) in Duren prepares students for entering baccalaureate programs in German Universities. During the training the students not only will deepen knowledge of English and German of languages, but also will receive specialized and practical skills. On the program termination the students can continue to study in HIGH SCHOOLS of Nordrhein-Westfalen. The students get education which is focused on the decision of practical problems in various areas of professional work of the person. During the training the students should pass practice at the enterprise or the profile organization, putting received knowledge into practice and receiving the first experience in Germany.

Why Freshman Year? Some Universities accept students only after passage by them a preparatory course. It is rather proved, after all the course provides all necessary academic knowledge, gives concept about training system in the country and psychologically prepares students for training by other principles and standards.

After that the student spends a year (the first course) studying language and developing those skills which are necessary for the chosen baccalaureate program. After the successful termination of the first course, the student can continue training in one of universities of Northern Rhine-Westphalia under the baccalaureate program in the chosen direction. In Northern Rhine-Westphalia there are many German-speaking programs and certain quantity of English-speaking baccalaureate programs.

For entering the program the future student should pass introductory test (it is spent in English or German languages). Testing can be spent in the country of residing of the student. The German educational organizations can help with testing (DAAD, Test AS and others). If the candidate corresponds already to the requirements of German college of prehigh school preparation he can start to study at University.

It is also fulfilled the program of summer practice of 2 - 3 year students of technical college which gives unique possibility of residing, though temporary, in one of the most developed countries of Europe - Germany. Living here, you improve the German language and can see in practice how higher education at German University is arranged and the organization of small and average business is arranged.

Having finished training, you can make the decision, if it is necessary to you to go for training continuation to Germany or to receive the diploma of the expert in the homeland.

Training in Germany has a huge number of advantages which in the conditions of globalization are difficult for overestimating. Besides, the possibility to live and to study in a new country, in the period of formation and development of the person, allows to seize quickly skills of international dialogue, to expand an outlook, to open the latent talents and understand more deeply the around world and himself.

We know destiny of each our student and the graduate as in training period abroad we always remain together with him, we always support and help with all difficult situations, rejoice to his successes!

If you put before yourself the aim to get the European education and interesting work in the international companies, then this program is for you.


(Rendering assistance project to the oncological patients)

The help to citizens of Ukraine which have transferred operation on removal of a throat and installation of vocal artificial limbs, and also maintenance the patients with means for restoration of functions of lungs using system "Provox®" for restoration of a voice and rehabilitation of lungs.

Now system "Provox" in many countries of Europe is used as prime means of medical technics. Such patients receive the product free of charge thanks to the insurance. In Russia the state support on granting of indemnification operates to patients who got means of rehabilitation independently. In Ukraine the patients are compelled to get them independently for own use. One of work directions in cooperation with Open Company "Biotechnology" enterprise is the realization of the product of Swedish company "tos edical" in territory of Ukraine.

The Fund has opened the project "VOICE" - the help to laryngotomy patients in gathering of the finance and search of investments on indemnification of expenses for acquisition system Provox in Ukraine.

The project is directed on creation of conditions for effective work of the state oncological service and improvement of quality of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of oncological patients with means of the newest equipment and introduction of an advanced experience of treatment of a cancer.

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