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The offer for patrons of art, sponsors and partners



For many nations of the world, mercy as expression of a special state of mind, historically was not simply display of pity and sympathy, but served as means of spiritual clarification and internal perfection. Mercy, as special feature of spirituality, is not lost now. For many of us it still serves as moral requirement despite the strengthened attempts to wash away moral foundations of our people and to spread ideals of enrichment and consumption in a society. The collective of our Fund revives traditions of charity recovering in souls of people aspiration and desire to create good. Round us there are people who need our help and support.

We address to each of you personally, without language, national, territorial, religious and social restrictions, to rich and poor, to well-founded and living “behind” and "near" poverty lines. Our life is difficult and contradictory. Each of us, anyhow, leaves the trace on our small planet. We face with vital daily problems, ecological accidents, starving in Africa, problems of "space" scale with global warming, acts of terrorism, wars, eternal prophecies on "the doomsday" beginning. And here we have not noticed any more how we were socially stratified and all together have gone to "precipice" with great strides. There is still time and possibility to prevent social explosion in our society. Each of us has a chance to change the world surrounding us, our family having changed the relation to ourselves. Having changed the relations around, we change the relation of a society to philanthropy and activity in the blessing. Then, having received a vital social minimum, poor and standing near the poverty line will cease to hate and envy. The rich and well-founded, having unclenched a fist with "excessively acquired riches", will remember a popular wisdom "That is brought with the first sigh and shout of a child on this earth it will be carried away by him!" And the rich people will offer a helping hand those who still wait for it, having received in exchange gratitude for the magnanimity and mercy. Our Fund promotes those who wish to help! To create the blessing can any person or company, the one who is capable to feel pity, to worry about destiny of other people, who is ready to assist and bring the feasible contribution to blessing, to help the needing: to sick children, orphans, old men, invalids.

To give blessing - to give happiness!

It is told in the Bible: "Love suffers long, gives mercy, love does not envy, is not extolled, is not proud, does not search for riches, is not irritated, does not think of harm, covers everything, hopes for everything, transfers everything, love never ceases"... (1 Korinfjanam 13:4-8)

If you have decided to assist help independently, we will give you: addresses and phones of physical persons, social institutions, families needing your help in all regions of Ukraine. Having phoned to us, you will easily carry out independent addressed, humanitarian, financial and other necessary help.

For receiving the information it is necessary for you to solve to whom you want to assist: - to child care centers, to orphan houses for invalid children, to special institutions for children, to scientific educational institutions;

- The help to teachers, students, talented youth;

- To public, religious and youth organizations;

- To social establishments;

- To culture establishments and sports;

- To the persons having incurable diseases (AIDS);

- To suffered from ecological accidents;

- To persons from Chernobyl and to other socially not protected large families;

- To families of military men;

- To single mothers;

- To families which have remained without the supporter;

- To persons of advanced age;

- To old people's homes and needy people;

- To medical institutions, special clinics;

- To shelters for animals and to zoos.

In what city, region, area of Ukraine?

Assist in PR Company of our Fund, in your office, school and university; by announcements, publications about the Fund in mass-media, local press, mailing the Internet information about our Fund, mailing letters with the request for the help in your region.

It is important for us: if you inform about the Fund activity all your acquaintances who are engaged in charities, you will assist the Fund in realization of operating Programs, gathering of voluntary charitable payments, take part in operating programs, competitions and Fund actions, you will recruit ranks of volunteers club.

Your contribution to Fund activity - a voluntary payment, on the fund settlement account - in grivnas, rubbles, dollars and euro:

The address: Ukraine, 21034, Vinnitsa, Karl Marx lane 60/11

Tel/a fax: (38 0432 27-11-40, (38 067 433-17-33)

E-mail: euroasia.ua@rambler.ru , euroasia.ua@gmail.com ;

International Charitable Fund "EuroAsia" - «Charitable donation»

Identification code 26220130.

The certificate registration: Series А00 № 827179 from April, 23rd, 2002.

Bank details In Ukraine:

International Charitable Fund "EuroAsia", code 26220130

Vinnitsa central regional branch PAT "Megabank", Kharkov.

Account № 26002010379, MFO 351629

Obligatory payment for transfer - GRIVNA

International Charitable Fund "EuroAsia", code 26220130

Vinnitsa central regional branch PAT "Megabank", Kharkov.

Account № 26003849910379, MFO 351629

Obligatory payment for transfer – DOLLAR

Bank-correspondent: Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, SWIFT: DEUT DE FF

Bank of the addressee: 949991410, Megabank PLC, Vinnitsa branch, Ukraine, SWIFT: DBBK UA 2K VIN

The addressee: Vinnitsa, Ukraine 26005978010379

Beneficiary the account:

Details of expenses: OUR - All expenses on the payment, connected with streamlining R customs.

Obligatory payment for transfer -

Bank-correspondent: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas New York, SWIFT: BKTR the USA 33

Bank of the addressee: ACC: 04407027, Megabank PLC, Kharkov, Ukraine, SWIFT: DBBK UA 2K

The addressee: Vinnitsa, Ukraine 26003840010379

Details of expenses: - All expenses of payment are at the expense of the client-payer

Do not forget to specify in the column - "payment function" - the voluntary charitable payment;

If you have decided to render the concrete help, specify in the column - "payment function": a payment special-purpose designation, the Program, the Action, the Fund Project.

ICF "EuroAsia", following principles of civilized charity, invites you to cooperation.

The first and the most necessary condition is your desire! We suggest you to use effectively and professionally means for the help to those for whom it is really necessary.

We offer you: long-term, complex or single cooperation with our Fund.

Inviting you to cooperation, we undertake to protect you, as the philanthropist, from professional applicants:

- To give the reporting, a package of documents for registration of tax privileges;

- To provide professional PR Company;

- To assist in development of social image of your enterprise;

- To assist development of mutual relations with the authorities and partners;

- To assist in creation of your nominal Fund;

- To assist in creation of your nominal grant;

- To realize professionally your charitable project;

- Professional charitable advertising will make positive impact on development of your business, the client policy, increasing the quantity of sales and rendered services by your enterprise.

ICF "EuroAsia" offers: to take part in realization of charitable projects and Fund programs by placing CHARITABLE MARK on production let out or sold by you. After signing of the contract on cooperation between our organizations, the charitable mark is put on goods packing (the stamp, a label) with a designation of cost of a charitable payment (the price of charitable mark), with instructions of the project-program of Fund, the site address on which it is possible to receive the information about activity of the Fund, the purposes for which charitable payments are gathering. Becoming the sponsor of charitable projects, programs, actions and Fund competitions, you will receive qualified, professional PR Company for your enterprise; you will also assist and help in charity development in our society. We will be glad to give you our sponsor's package and the qualified help!

Your advantages: the consumer considers slight increase of the price for the goods not as company profit but as the personal contribution to charity. Each buyer, doing purchase, brings the minimum contribution and becomes the participant of one big common cause. The reputation of your enterprise, in the name of the consumer, rises, as the company caring of social problems of our society.

The main thing: «Spirituality» of a brand of your company. In the situation, when everybody does the same things of identical quality and at the identical price, you can really allocate having value spiritual besides usual value.

ICF "EuroAsia" offers: the exchange of references on sites of our organizations. The Charitable Fund banner on a site of your enterprise, the organization, the company, bank or establishment is a reflexion of an active position of your collective to charity. The information support of our Fund is your personal contribution to charities. Inform us about your decision on our E-mail: euroasia.ua@rambler.ru ,euroasia.ua@gmail.com

We will be grateful to you:

- For the transferred voluntary charitable donations from your enterprise;

- For single rendering of the charitable help in any sum;

- For the area given by your enterprise (the size - 0,5м. х 0,5м) for installation of charitable coin boxes;

- For placing on your Internet resource of the Banner of Charitable Fund or a direct reference on our address;

- For placing in mass-media and in information news the information about Fund activity;

- For participation in carrying out of programs, actions, competitions.

To philanthropists, whose rendered financial help has exceeded the sum equivalent of 5000 US dollars, within 10 days after transferring of money resources on the Fund settlement account, the International Certificate "Philanthropist" is handed over (with acknowledgement of personal contribution to charities, and also the necessary documentation for the tax departments confirming charities of "Philanthropist" for reception of tax privileges).

Our Fund promotes those who wish to help! "We begin to love not for a word or language, and for business and true. Business will warm your hearts and will fill life with sense!"

Joan the Devine (1In.3, 18)

Business cannot and should not stand aside from the decision of social problems. Having financial assets, the companies are capable to affect a society. Business is a part of the state in which its activity develops, and business can develop only then, when there is a social stability in the state.

We are glad to invite you to cooperation and are ready to offer you various possibilities for the creative approach to realization of good deeds. Any service rendered by you will be the first step in our further joint activity. Under your request (in written form) we will present you the full report about using of the means transferred by you.

Current reports about Fund activity there are on pages of our site.

We express you sincere gratitude for your valuable contribution to charity development.

Collective of the ICF "EuroAsia" 

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